Position statement for Luca Filipozzi

I have had the pleasure of serving as a Director on the SPI Board for two years and have elected to resign one year early to allow for the alignment of board vacancy schedule (3 per year).

I'm pleased to note that a variety of my process improvement proposals have been adopted by SPI (DebConf 2017 Reimbursement Process, Traveling Mailbox for physical mail handling, Google Voice for identification verification processes, the hiring of a contractor to support accounts payable processing, etc.).

That said, there's more work to be done — especially on the IT side — and so I am seeking your support in my re-election.

If I'm re-elected and if I'm reappointed to the Vice-President position by my fellow board members, the IT revamp will be my primary focus for SPI in the coming year.

I look forward to working with the new Board on this endeavour, while simultaneously asking for their confirmation of serverless (focus on using service providers) vs traditional (virtual machines, etc.). Since consensus has so far not been achieved on this topic, a formal vote will be required by the Board, after sufficient discussion.