I am R Tyler Croy (rtyler on irc.oftc.net), and I am standing for election to the SPI board.

Position statement for R Tyler Croy

I am running for election on the SPI board to help Software in the Public Interest continue to grow as a neutral umbrella organization for such associated projects as Jenkins, PostgreSQL, Debian, and many others.

As part of the Jenkins project, now the Jenkins board, I have been involved with SPI since the association of Jenkins in 2011, seeing and experiencing some of the growing challenges facing both associated projects and SPI in the changing open source landscape.

As an SPI board member, my primary interests and objectives are:

  • To increase responsiveness for associated projects, especially as it pertains to book-keeping duties.
  • Help ensure the long term continuity of operations of SPI.

Both of these I believe will be accomplished by supporting and advocating for more part-time or full-time project management duties, rather than solely relying on volunteer efforts, to make Software in the Public Interest "go."

About Me

I am a long time contributor and board member of the Jenkins project, and employed full-time arguably as a Software Developer/Engineering Manager. I have been contributing to open source projects since I participated in the initial Google Summer of Code (2005) with the FreeBSD project.