Resolution 2007-01-19.jmb.2: Moving SPI bank account

This resolution was adopted by the Board of Directors of SPI at their meeting of January 16, 2007.


  1. As an organization with international scope, SPI needs the services of at least a national if not an international bank

  2. Our current bank has only one physical location, which is not convenient to any board member

The Board hereby

  1. authorizes the Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer to open a checking account for Software In The Public Interest, Inc. at a bank to be selected by consensus of the Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer and Secretary after discussion on the "spi-private" mailing list.

  2. Up to $30,000 will be initially transferred to the account.

  3. The signatories on the account will include the following, according to the signatory rights previously discussed on board@ and ratified at the 2006-09-19 meeting:

  4. Josh Berkus: Treasurer

  5. Michael Schultheiss: Assistant Treasurer
  6. Neil McGovern: Secretary
  7. Bdale Garbee: President

Given the President's travel schedule, his signature may be added to the account after initial account opening.