Resolution Creation of Special Advisor position

September 25th, 1998

This resolution is superseded by resolution 2004-08-10.iwj.dbg.3

The Board of Directors (the "Board") of Software in the Public Interest, Inc. (the "Company") hereby creates the position of 'Special Advisor' (the "Advisor) to the board. The Board will appoint an Advisor when appropriate. There may be as few or as many Advisors as deemed necessary by the Board.

This term of this position shall be one year from the date of this resolution, or until a) the Advisor no longer desires to fulfill this role or b) the Board decides that the services of the Advisor are no longer needed.

The responsibilities of this role include, but are not limited to providing feedback on the Company's actions, making suggestions on how to better position the company in the community, making recommendations and suggestions to the Board, and acting on behalf of the Board when directed to do so on such issues as shall be deemed in the best interests of the Company.

With this appointment, the Advisor shall have several privileges. The Advisor shall be included on the Board mailing list; shall be invited to Board meetings in which relevant issues will be discussed; and shall be able to propose resolutions to the Board.