Resolution 1999-08-12.iwj.1: Appointment of Debian Project Leader as Adviser

August 12th, 1999

This resolution is superseded by resolution 2004-08-10.iwj.dbg.3

The resolution below has been accepted and approved by the SPI Board of Directors through email voting on August 13, 1999.

Appointment of Debian Project Leader as Adviser to the BOD

  1. RECOGNIZING that the Debian Project plays a large and active role in the Free Software community, and

  2. NOTING that comments and criticism from large Free Software projects will enable SPI to maintain its goal of furthering the development of software,

The SPI Board of Directors hereby RESOLVES that:

  1. The Debian Project Leader shall ex officio hold the position of Adviser to the SPI Board of directors.

  2. This applies to the current Debian Project Leader at any particular time, until the Board resolves otherwise.