Resolution 1999-09-21.iwj: Charter for Project Committee

September 21st, 1999

The resolution below has been accepted and unanimously approved at the general meeting of Software in the Public Interest, Inc. on September 21, 1999.

A charter is hereby granted for the formation and operation of a committee within the guidelines and objectives stated herein. The committee shall operate in the best interest of SPI and is responsible to the board of directors and membership of the organization.

Purpose of the Committee

A Sponsored Project is a project which receives assistance or services from SPI. This committee shall be in charge of evaluating offers of or requests for assistance from projects.

Basic services may be granted to projects directly by the committee, but more complex services shall be decided upon by the board of directors upon the recommendation of the project committee.

The committee is granted the power to give assistance to projects requiring basic services. It may make recommendations of support to the board of directors in cases where a vote is necessary, as is the case for decisions concerning assisting projects requiring more complex services.

Basic services consist of commonly used resources for projects. Complex services consist of resources and assets that must be more tightly controlled.

Basic Services:

  • FTP server
  • Web server
  • Mailing lists
  • CVS servers (both development and anonymous servers)
  • other services requiring only computer administration

Complex Services:

  • Monetary management (projects that would like their donations and expenses to be handled by SPI)
  • Monetary assistance (projects that are looking for donations from SPI's accounts)
  • Intellectual Property Management
  • Legal Resources
  • any other services which require action by SPI other than computer administration

Operating Guidelines

The committee shall operate openly in the view of the public whenever possible, but may, at the discretion of the committee members, operate privately from time to time if this is deemed necessary.

Subject to the approval of the board, the committee may make reasonable procedures for transacting its business (including delegating it to other members of the organization). The committee should set up appropriate and reasonable guidelines for its operation and decisions as soon as possible.

Membership and Organization

This committee will be run by a chairman who is appointed by the board. The chairman and the board have the power to add members to the committee. Committee members may only be removed by a vote of the board of directors, but may resign from the committee at any time.