Resolution Charter for the Membership Committee

August 6th, 2001

A charter is hereby granted for the formation and operation of a committee within the guidelines and objectives stated herein. The committee shall operate in the best interest of the free software community and is responsible to the board of directors and to the membership of the organization.

Purpose of the Committee

It is the responsibility of this committee to manage the Membership of Software in the Public Interest, Inc. This includes defining the criteria for the membership and handling the SPI membership process.

The criteria for membership in Software in the Public Interest, Inc. are defined in accordance with Article 3 of the SPI bylaws.

Operating Guidelines

The committee defines the exact guidelines for membership and is responsible for processing new applicants. The committee shall handle all membership related tasks including verification and approval of all categories of members.

The guidelines for membership in the organization shall be clearly stated and shall be available to the public.

The addition and removal of the members of this committee is handled by the board of directors.

Membership and Organization

This committee will consist of a group of people designated by the Board of Directors. The group may request and recommend additional committee members which must be approved by the board.