Resolution 2002-12-03.mgs.3: Resolution editing

December 3rd, 2002

The resolution below has been accepted and approved via email voting by the Board of Directors of Software in the Public Interest, Inc. ("SPI") on December 10th, 2002.

When resolutions are proposed by a Board member they are numbered as described in the procedure about resolutions (resolution 1998-09-24.iwj.5) which says:

The resolution number should be in the form YYYY-MM-DD.PROP.UNIQ where PROP is an indication of the proposer (such as their initials), who allocates the number, and UNIQ is a number added for uniqueness. The same resolution number may not be given to two different resolutions or texts.

When the resolution is edited, corrected, rephrased or expanded by another member of the Board of Directors, the subsequent editor shall not issue an entirely new resolution nor remove the initials of the original proposer but issue an update and name it by adding his initials to the resolution number.