Resolution 2004-03-02.iwj.1: Inviting wxWidgets as associated project

March 2nd, 2004

This resolution was adopted by the Board of Directors of SPI at their meeting of March 2, 2004.


  1. Software in the Public Interest has received via Bruce Perens a request from wxWidgets (formerly wxWindows), regarding wxWidgets becoming an SPI-associated project.

  2. wxWidgets is a respectable and useful Free Software project. SPI would be pleased for wxWidgets to become an SPI Associated Project (according to the Framework for Associated Projects).

The Board of SPI resolves that

  1. We invite the wxWidgets Core Team to confirm that they would like to become an Associated Project.

  2. Subject to the approval of the wxWidgets Core Team, and in particular their confirmation that the Core Team is happy with the Framework for Associated Projects, SPI will start to take donations to be held in trust for purposes related to wxWidgets.

  3. We invite the wxWidgets Core Team to clarify the decisionmaking structure of the wxWidgets Project. In particular, we would like to know how decisions about disbursement of funds for purposes related to wxWidgets will be approved by the wxWidgets Project, and how those decisions will be communicated to the SPI Treasurer.