Resolution 2004-05-28.dbg.1.iwj.1: Expedited meeting minutes

May 28th, 2004

This resolution was adopted by the Board of Directors of SPI at their meeting of June 1, 2004.


  1. SPI's Board of Directors has not released minutes from all its meetings;
  2. the burden of releasing minutes from meetings falls on the secretary;
  3. the secretary has not been able to keep up; 4 .complete records of every meeting are kept in the form of IRC logs;
  4. IRC logs do not constitute minutes, but do keep an accurate record of a meeting;

It is resolved that

  1. The IRC logs for all Board Meetings for which no minutes have been produced shall be released as interim minutes;
  2. The release of IRC logs as minutes does not preclude the writing of real minutes;
  3. When real minutes have been written for each meeting, the IRC logs will no longer stand in for the minutes for that meeting;
  4. The Secretary may accept minutes written by any member of SPI based on the logs provided after comparing them to ensure they are accurate, and may serve as his own minutes;
  5. IRC logs may be modified by the secretary to remove any sensitive or irrelevant information, should such information exist, prior to posting the IRC logs to SPI's web site, provided that no member of the Board of Directors objects;
  6. Logs or Minutes from all meetings of the Board of Directors must be available to the membership no later than the next meeting of the Board of Directors.