Resolution Ameriprise Financial Accounts

This resolution was adopted by the Board of Directors of SPI at their meeting of April 18, 2006 and was superseded by resolution 2009-03-18.mcs.1.

  1. WHEREAS, Ameriprise Financial ("Ameriprise," formerly American Express Financial Advisors) currently holds funds in an account for Software in the Public Interest, Inc. ("SPI");

  2. WHEREAS, Ameriprise's list of account owners for SPI's account is partially out of date, listing only Branden Robinson and Nils Boeffel (a.k.a. Nils Lohner, a former SPI officer);

  3. WHEREAS, Ameriprise requires a Board resolution or meeting minutes enumerating those who should be listed as account owners for a corporation;

  4. RESOLVED, that the account owners for SPI's Ameriprise account should be updated to include James R. Kaplowitz, remove Nils Boeffel, and retain Branden Robinson.