Resolution 2009-11-04.jmd.1: Contributing membership expiry

This resolution was adopted by the Board of Directors of SPI at their meeting of November 11, 2009.


  1. Article 3 of the corporate by-laws state: "If a contributing membership is not renewed, the member's status will be downgraded to a non-contributing member.";

  2. Voter turnout and quorum is measured as a function of contributing membership;

  3. There is no existing practical measure of a member's activity;

  4. Elections are the most effective means of verifying a member's activity and our electoral system does not require a voting member to express an opinion on their ballot


  1. Be it resolved that any contributing member who does not cast a ballot  in an annual Board member election shall be considered potentially  inactive. Any contributing member considered potentially inactive shall  be contacted after the election to confirm their status; if no response  is received within 4 weeks of this initial contact they shall be deemed  inactive and downgraded to a non-contributing member. However no such  downgrading shall preclude any member from restoring their contributing  membership status at any later date;

  2. In the event that no annual Board member election takes place, regardless of reason, the membership list will not be affected until the next such election takes place;

  3. Any contributing membership that exists under any other resolutions or clauses that is not subject to expiry will not expire.