Resolution 2014-05-06.jrk.1: Martin Michlmayr as interim director

This resolution was adopted by the Board of Directors of SPI at their meeting of May 8, 2014.


  1. A vacancy on the SPI board of directors will exist as of the conclusion of the May 2014 SPI board meeting, unless an interim director is appointed to fill it;

  2. Martin Michlmayr has sufficient time, interest, motivation, and experience to usefully assist SPI over the remainder of the current board term, having served as Debian Project Leader, Debian auditor, Open Source Initiative board member, and member of the Software Freedom Conservancy evaluation committee;

  3. Some of the tasks Martin is interested in addressing would be best achieved from within the board, such as addressing any compliance needs for an upcoming change in SPI's governing law;

  4. Martin is available to attend most or all of the remaining board meetings in the current term; and

  5. Martin has confirmed that he is willing to accept this appointment;


  1. Martin Michlmayr is hereby appointed as an interim member of the SPI board of directors, beginning at the conclusion of the May 2014 board meeting and continuing until the conclusion of the July 2014 SPI board elections.