Resolution 2022-05-09.mcs.1: Updated SPI Financial Account Resolution

This resolution was adopted by the Board of Directors of SPI at their meeting of May 9, 2022.


  1. SPI's financial accounts should have accurate signatories.
  2. SPI's banking and financial needs may change from time to time.


  1. The Treasurer or President is authorized to open new checking, savings, and other accounts for Software in the Public Interest, Inc. (SPI) at additional financial institutions (or those with which SPI already does business) to meet the financial needs of SPI. Accounts may also be closed as needed to meet the financial needs of SPI.
  2. The signatories on SPI accounts will include the following where permitted by law or financial institution policy:
    • Michael Schultheiss (President)
    • Stephen Frost (Vice President)
    • Héctor Orón Martínez (Treasurer)
  3. If a financial institution requires United States citizenship, the signatories shall include:
    • Michael Schultheiss (President)
    • Stephen Frost (Vice President)
  4. All signatories not listed in this resolution or its successors should be removed from SPI financial accounts.