SPI's Request Tracker (RT)

SPI operates an instance of Request Tracker (RT) to keep track of various outstanding tasks and requests. If you have a request, you can open a new ticket by sending an email to one of the following addresses at the rt.spi-inc.org domain:

  • sysadmin: for sys admin related requests
  • treasurer: for treasurer related requests
  • board: for board related requests. However, please be aware that for the majority of board enquiries, we prefer an email to the board list.

Please put a summary of your request or issue in the Subject line of your email and add a detailed description in the body.

You'll receive an email confirmation with a ticket number. We'll respond to your ticket by email.

Tickets in our RT system are not publicly visible since they may contain sensitive information (e.g. reimbursement requests with receipts and bank information). Access is granted to the board and certain volunteers and contractors (e.g. those dealing with reimbursement requests).