Platform for Christel Dahlskjaer

Name: Christel Dahlskjaer
Nick: christel (duh!)

Background (with various degrees of relevance): While I am involved with several FOSS projects (OFTC, freenode, Irssi, Gentoo, ReactOS, FOSSCON, GNU etc) my main passions and expertise lie in creating strong and vibrant communities.

I'm the Managing Director for a small and exciting company whose main focus is on bespoke security solutions, however, I have a background in mental health nursing and a great interest in human interaction.

I currently serve as the president for the Peer-Directed Project Center (PDPC), a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organisation. I am also the Head of Staff for PDPC's IRC network; freenode. I have in the past held various roles within charities, NFP's and other organisations.

I live in the UK, though I hail from the land of snow and .. more snow; Norway.

I've been an observing member of SPI since I initially came onboard as an advisor to the OFTC NOC in October 2006.

Why you should vote for me?

Because I will endeavour to help SPI and it's member-projects create communities in an environment which foster collaboration and free exchange of ideas and I will work hard to ensure that SPI does what it can towards promoting cross-project collaboration.

I strongly believe in transparency and involvement, and will do my part to ensure that we always check in to get the input of the wider community before acting on any relevant issue.

While I would tell you to vote for me because I'm the only woman running for elections, I suggest you vote for me because I'm damn nice and because I genuinely care about the FOSS community!