Platform for David Graham

Name: David Graham
Nick: cdlu (since 1998)
Expansion of nick: "confused debian linux user"



  • Four term chair and a co-founder of SPI member project OFTC.
  • Co-author of OFTC's constitution.


  • SPI contributing member since July, 2002 with the introduction of OFTC as an SPI member project.
  • SPI board member since September, 2003.
  • SPI Secretary 2004-2006.
  • Likely the best attendance record in the history of the board (I missed one meeting during my term, and that one where all but one member missed.)


  • User of Debian since the heady pre-apt days of bo (Debian 1.3).

Other bits

  • Consultant, most relevantly to the community working as a contributing editor for SourceForge, Inc. (the current name of Andover/OSDN/OSTG/VA) since 2000.
  • Recently became a member of the board of the Peer-Directed Projects Centre, a Texas-based 501(c)3 non-profit with similar objectives to SPI best known for its affiliation with the freenode IRC network.
  • Canadian

So... why do I want three more years on SPI's board?

Well, I don't, really. I would, however, like to see and assist with SPI's continuing growth toward a life as a truly relevant member of the free software/open source communities at large and to the increasing number of projects now associated with SPI.

I hereby commit that, if re-elected to SPI's board, I will resign to put my seat up for election after only one year to help correct an anomaly created by our move from a self-renewing to an elected board of directors, where we have three seats up for election last year, six this year, and none next year. If three members of the board agree to step down next year, this anomaly will be corrected and we will at last have a 3-3-3 cycle for board elections. If re-elected, I will be one of these three.

David "cdlu" Graham -
Guelph, Ontario -