Platform for Joerg Jaspert

Who I am: Joerg Jaspert (IRC nick is Ganneff on OFTC/Freenode)

  • Debian Developer since April 2002 Within Debian I contribute(d) to various tasks:

    • Application Manager between 2002 and 2004
    • Account Manager since the end of 2004
    • FTP-Team member since 2005
    • Maintaining a number of packages
    • One of the organisers of DebConf, the annual Debian conference
    • Organized several smaller events, booth presences, etc for Debian, including merchandising stuff and CD/DVD images for it.
  • Contributing SPI member since May 2002

  • Main SPI admin since last year

  • IrcOP in the SPI-Project OFTC

  • Involved in various other Debian-related activities

Why am I running? Basically - Vice President is meant to be admin head. And me being main admin currently, doing the work on the machines, VP seems to fit.

As the board has had to cancel multiple meetings due to unexcused absences, I promise to be available as much as I can, in order to not disturb SPI's decision making. I have therefore set myself the rule, that, should I miss more than 2 meetings without prior notice, I will vacate my seat for someone who is more dependable. (If the meeting table gets updated, the number behind my name should show that I attended 90% of all SPI meetings this year).

For any open questions feel free to mail me at or use IRC. My condolence for reading this far. :)