Platform for Joshua D. Drake

Name: Joshua D. Drake

Nick: linuxpoet



  • Author or Co-Author of several HOWTOs
  • Active maintainer of Linux Consultants Guide


  • Active PostgreSQL Contributor
  • PostgreSQL SPI Liaison
  • President of Command Prompt, Inc., a long time PostgreSQL contributor


  • Core Member


  • Contributing SPI Member since 2006
  • PostgreSQL SPI Liaison

General Bits:

Since 1997 I have been a contributor to the FOSS world. My primary focus (for obvious reasons if you look at my company website has been PostgreSQL. Further my membership with LedgerSMB and SPI were brought about because of my relationship with the PostgreSQL community.

Professional bits:

  • President and Co-Founder Command Prompt, Inc.
  • Co-authored O'Reilly's Practical PostgreSQL
  • Have been published hundreds of times in various periodicals including Linux Journal, Web Techniques, Linux World and others that no longer exist due to Dot Bomb.

Why SPI Board?

I would like to see SPI be more than a glorified PayPal. SPI has the potential to be an active and influencing source within the FOSS community. I would actively promote SPI as a way for FOSS projects to become a part of a larger community that is focused on the general well being of not only the project that has joined, but also that projects community.

With the politicing aside, the specific items I would try to achieve are:

  • An aggressive increase in the number and quality of associate projects

  • A more physical presence of SPI and the associative projects at well known events such as OSCON, LinuxWorld, and USENIX.

  • Working in FOSS hubs (such as S.F., Seattle and Portland) to foster workshops, talks and training opportunities not only for new FOSS community members, but also businesses that can help in the market drive of FOSS.

  • Work with SPI members to sponsor individuals to give talks related to FOSS at every possible legitimate opportunity.

  • Work to have all associative projects work together to provide a more influential presence to communities, governments and businesses.