Platform for Luk Claes

Luk Claes (luk on OFTC)


  • User since 1998.
  • Contributing (packaging, translations, website) since 2003.
  • Debian Developer ( since 2005.
  • Application Manager since 2005.
  • Member of Release Team since 2006, recently became Release Manager.


  • Contributing member since 2005.
  • On the Membership Committee since 2005.

I was encouraged to stand for election on #spi as there was no candidate secretary yet :-)

My main goal would be to improve our bylaws to match reality and to make it easier to find the one you need. Being on the Membership Committee and being secretary should make that easier to coordinate. This goal would probably also need the revival of the Bylaws Committee and better documentation in general. If this goal would be reached there should be clearer guidelines about procedures so SPI would be ready for the future of a higher involvement from its member projects and members in general!