Platform for Martin Zobel-Helas

My name is Martin Zobel-Helas (zobel on IRC), and I hereby nominate myself as candidate for the upcoming SPI Board of Directors elections.

I have been Debian Developer since August 2005 and contributing SPI member since March 2006. I have been Debian Stable Release Manager since March 2006 and Release Assistant for testing/unstable since June 2007. I founded debian-volatile service together with Andi Barth. I co-maintain the buildd-network for the experimental and non-free part of the Debian Archive.

If elected as an SPI board member, I will try to achieve a greater degree of communication between it's member projects. From what I have learned as my position as Debian Stable Release manager, lots of FLOSS projects are about communication between subprojects and members it's members. Coordinating stable releases is more about communication between Debian Developers and the Debian FTP-Team as actually deciding which package goes in the release (and which not).

To achieve this communication I would like to help SPI to with the various press contacts I have within the community to get more attention from our SPI members.

If you have any questions regarding my person or my platform, feel free to contact me at <> or try to catch me on IRC.