Platform for MJ Ray

I am MJ Ray (slef on IRC, because I can't type/spell self) and I'm nominating myself because I've not seen six candidates who I want to vote for. I have been a watchful SPI contributing member since 2004 and I stand to offer SPI voters a plain-speaking clear choice.

If elected to the board, I will:

  1. vote FOR actions that make a net contribution towards SPI goals;
  2. vote FOR actions that support cooperative principles;
  3. vote FOR consultation on any proposal to dispose of Global IPR;
  4. ask to LEAD an update to SPI's 2005 review against BBB standards;
  5. PROPOSE actions suggested by the review, or requested by 5 members;
  6. ABSTAIN on non-routine and non-urgent votes not described above;
  7. agree to RESIGN after a year, for the same reasons as David Graham, to try to reach a 3-3-3 SPI board election cycle.

I'm a free software hacker since 1996 or so, a minor Debian Developer since 2003 (bugfixing and sponsoring as time and knowledge permits), a maintenance webmaster for GNUstep and a user of PostgreSQL, OFTC and TeXmacs, so I will try to take a rounded view of associated projects, as well as suggesting association to other projects I am involved with. I'm well aware that SPI needs to run smoothly to serve its projects, but we need to balance that with not stiffening SPI's internals too much.

If you want to know more about my views and past mistakes, see my web pages at - Since 2002, I work for a small internet workers' cooperative, who are very understanding. I am happy to see my former Debian sponsoree Martin Zobel-Helas standing for election. I recommend voting for me, him, Ian Jackson and David Graham.