Platform for Richard Hartmann


  • name: Richard Hartmann
  • nick: RichiH

  • First Linux experiences in 1997

  • Using Linux exclusively since 2001
  • Using Debian exclusively since 2002

  • Active helper on various OpenProjects channels since 2001

  • freenode staff since 2004
  • OFTC staff since 2006
  • PDPC board since 2007
  • SPI contributing member since 2007

  • student of computer science at Technical University of Munich

  • freelance work and real job in computer science, main focus on networks


The initial motivation was that Rico 'mc' Gloeckner, David 'cdlu' Graham, Neil 'Maulkin' McGovern and Peter 'weasel' Palfrader urged me to run. So while I am aware that many people will not know me, you now at least know that I have good karma with some key SPI and OFTC people.

As you can see by my background, my contributions to FLOSS are mainly in the community aspects, not so much in the technical aspects. I think the one region where the FLOSS movement is lacking is the social aspects. I agree with zobel that inter-project communication is a key issue. If elected, I will push the collaborative effort both between SPI projects and non-SPI projects.

Being on PDPC board and freenode staff enables me to act as a liaison, similar to how cdlu is on both SPI and PDPC board as well as freenode and OFTC staff.

I have a perfect track record, attending all announced meetings of any function I have held and quite a few that were not announced on the lists i was subscribed to at the time. I will not miss a single meeting without giving notice several days in advance. I plan to continue to attend every single meeting.

I support cdlu's suggestion to change to a 3-3-3 voting cycle and will offer my resignation in order to achieve this. Depending on peer review, I will then run for another term or not.


I am online as RichiH on both freenode and OFTC.

Email my nick at host