Position statement for Gregers Petersen

My name is Gregers Petersen and I am running for a seat on the SPI board of directors. For a handful of years I have acted as Relationship Manager of OpenWrt.org project. The OpenWrt embedded Linux distribution has over the last years seen an ever increasing adoption amongst users, companies and organizations.

My professional background is social anthropology, and I currently work as systems-administrator at Copenhagen University. In the past I have worked likewise with technology, organizational issues and as an academic researcher. I have been using free and open source software since the mid-90's. Over the years this has brought with it an involvement in community based wireless networks, Freifunk.net and subsequently OpenWrt. I have been a speaker at conferences like the annual Chaos Congress, ELCE, EuroBSDCon and Google Tech Talks.

SPI is constantly increasing its number of associated projects and the focus/interests of the various projects are widespread. This does entail challenges to both the SPI board and the organization itself. As member of the SPI board of directors I would focus my engagement on the following topics:

  • A revision of the current by-laws
  • Organizational work to handle the expansion of SPI
  • Participating in the daily workings of SPI

It is my hope that I will be given the opportunity to be elected to the SPI board. I believe that I can add valuable skills and experiences to the present and future work and development of Software in the Public Interest. I live in Copenhagen, Denmark, together with my two children and a Shiba Inu dog. My nick on both OFTC and Freenode is glp.