Position statement for Robert Brockway

My name is Robert Brockway and I'm seeking re-election to the board of Software in the Public Interest. I have been a Linux user and FOSS (free and open source) advocate since 1994 and a contributing member of SPI since 2004. I was first elected to the SPI board in 2011.

Professionally I am a system administrator and architect. In the past I have worked in private enterprise, a financial institution, a university and I have contracted to state and provincial governments in two countries. As a result I have had a wide exposure to the different environments in which FOSS lives today and I have a good understanding of the different challenges it faces in those environments.

After being elected to the board I identified a number of areas that I felt could use streamlining. I progressively worked on these areas which included extending and re-working documentation on the website and improving SPI processes with the expectation that SPI would need to cope with continued growth in the number of associated projects. I worked with other board members and SFLC to facilitate the registration and transfer of trademarks to SPI for various associated projects. I have also worked with several projects to draft resolutions for their admittance to SPI as associated projects.

Going forward I would like to see a review of the SPI by-laws and have done some work on this already. I'd also like to see SPI processes and response times continue to improve. While we have seen significant improvements in recent years we still have a long way to go.

I can be found on the OFTC and Freenode IRC networks as Solver.