Position statement for Trevor Walkley

My name is Trevor Walkley (bluewater on IRC), and I hereby nominate myself as candidate for the upcoming SPI Board of Directors elections, July 2014.

I live in Hobart, Australia (UTC + 10) and I am a developer with aptosid, a Debian derivative concentrating on Debian sid, which strives to be compatible with Debian and the Debian DFSG.

My core role within aptosid is developing and maintaining the aptosid-manual, along with the building and QA testing of aptosid ISOs'. Prior to that I performed the same type of role in sidux and Kanotix since 2003/2004.

My reason for putting my hand up to join the SPI board, is that I am committed to Free Software and to strong and meaningful documentation and thus enabling end users to use code without fear.

I appreciate the value of an independent organisation to help a range of projects. Therefore investing time to help foster the value of SPI to like minded organisations and to bring about positive long term ramifications for the future of Free Software is very important.

If you have any questions regarding me and my position, please feel free to contact me at , or contact me on IRC/OFTC in #spi or #aptosid-docs.