2022 board election

The SPI board had 5 seats available for the 2022 board election. The nomination period opened on June 22nd 2022 and closed on July 5th 2022.

Nominations were received from:

  • Forrest Fleming
  • Jonatas L. Nogueira
  • Héctor Orón Martínez
  • Jeremy Stanley
  • Zach van Rijn

As there were 5 seats available all 5 are duly elected to the board.

The following people's board terms expire with this election:

  • Forrest Fleming
  • Chris Lamb
  • Héctor Orón Martínez
  • Tim Potter (stepped down early)
  • Martin Zobel-Helas

This election is governed by resolution 2004-08-10.dbg.2