Craig Small


My name is Craig Small and I'm nominating myself for a position on the SPI Inc board. I have been a Debian developer and a Free Software programmer for many years, my first generally released software was GPL licensed in 1994 though I'd written other stuff before then.

During the day I'm a network engineering consultant for two service providers during most of the network architectural work which includes setting up the operations centres, all with mostly or totally free software of course! I am also someone who believes civil liberties need protecting and are a board member of the EFA, which is an organisation with similar goals, but separate to, the EFF which I'm sure a lot of you have heard of. I understand how a board on a volunteer organisation operates.

I might have a different position to most of the other candidates, my primary goal is to have a stable legal entity to assist the Debian and other SPI projects do what they do well, which was one of the original reasons for setting SPI up in the first place. If elected to the board and the consensus of the board is to expand SPI's goals, I will assist them if it doesn't detract from the current projects.

Happy Voting!