David Graham

My name is David de Burgh Graham, better known as cdlu. I am currently the Chairman of the Open and Free Technology Community, an SPI member project, and a contributing member of SPI.

I was born and raised in rural Quebec and speak both English and French fluently. I attended high school at Northfield Mount Hermon School in Northfield, Massachusetts. It was there that I was introduced to and developed a passionate interest for open source and free software related matters. Since then, I have attended university and spent two years working as a news feed editor at NewsForge, an OSDN site. I also spent nearly two years as a staff member on OpenProjects.net.

More recently, I joined together with a small group of people to establish the Open and Free Technology Community (OFTC), a development resource project centred around IRC. OFTC boasts a democratic core and a constitution-based political structure.

OFTC's Network Operations Committee meets weekly. My primary role on OFTC is to chair these weekly meetings and ensure that they run reasonably smoothly and that the items on our agenda are covered or deferred as needed.

OFTC's constitution is enforced by SPI, and it is in this manner that I have become involved with SPI's workings. It is my belief that SPI needs some measure of reform, and I intend to pursue these goals on SPI's newly established by-law review committee.

Within the board, I believe some non by-law reforms can and should take place, and I intend to go after these changes with some vigour. Among these changes would be the automatic removal of delinquent board members to ensure the smooth running of the organisation, and a smoother flow through the agenda at meeting time.

I believe that it is the responsibility of the board to be fully answerable to the membership and the organisation's member projects.

I would be honoured to serve on the board. As a member of the board, my pledge to the organisation would be to uphold these values and the values of the organisation, to make available the time to attend meetings, and to participate actively within the board.

Thank you.

David Graham