Meeting agenda for Monday 13th February, 2017

This is the proposed agenda for the SPI board meeting of Monday, February 13th, 2017, to be held at 20:00 UTC in #spi on

  1. Opening
  2. Roll Call
  3. President's report (Martin Michlmayr)
  4. Treasurer's report (Michael Schultheiss)
  5. Secretary's report (Valerie Young)
  6. Outstanding minutes
    1. Monday, 12th December 2016 (Valerie Young)
  7. Items up for discussion
    1. Bylaws draft update (Jimmy Kaplowitz)
    2. Physical mailing address update (Luca Filipozzi)
    3. Reimbursement processing time
  8. Any other business
  9. Next board meeting: Face-to-face February 24-25, 2017, 20:00 UTC

President's report

I'm happy to see that Jimmy Kaplowitz has sent out a third draft of the
proposed new by-laws to spi-general for review and that feedback has
been positive.  We should open a vote on this soon.

I've started working on the 2016 annual report and have received a
number of updates from associated projects.  If you have any content,
please let me know.

I'm looking forward to a productive face-to-face meeting in New York
next week!

Treasurer's report


Secretary's report