Guidelines for SPI membership

These guidelines have been established in accordance with SPI Resolution Charter for the Membership Committee. They will be revised by the committee as necessary.

Non-Contributing Membership

This membership can be obtained by applying at The only requirement for non-contributing membership is a valid email address, which is verified automatically by the membership process. This membership does not expire.

Contributing Membership

Contributing membership grants the member voting power in SPI, and thus should be reserved for people who are actively contributing to the free software community. In order to apply for a contributing membership, you have to sign up for a non-contributing membership first. Once your email address has been verified, you can apply for a contributing membership. Before you sign up, please make sure you follow the criteria outlined below.

Contributing membership should be available to the following people:

  • Active members of SPI affiliated projects
  • Active members of any large free software development project
  • Any person who has made a significant contribution to the free software community
  • Any person who actively contributes to the free software community

Membership may be granted to other individuals who provide worthwhile contributions to SPI and the free software community.