Adélie Linux

Adélie is an independent Linux distribution committed to integrity, privacy, and user freedom.

Adélie is lightweight and supports many 32- and 64- bit computer architectures including ARM, POWER, and x86, with RISC-V and SPARC on the way. Adélie is designed for both desktop and server use.

Its guided installer takes the hassle out of operating system installation, ideal for all types of users.

Focused on providing a reliable Linux platform based on musl libc, Adélie finds itself used by software professionals, content creators, businesses, web surfers, as well as in data centers.

Adélie isn't satisfied with just being a Linux distribution. We care deeply about bringing industry-leading software to musl, and musl to the forefront of science. We are pursuing partnerships and collaborations with universities and research organizations to solve tomorrow's problems.

Project Liaisons

  • Zach van Rijn


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