aptosid is an operating system based on Debian GNU/Linux.

Building upon Debian's unstable branch, aptosid releases a set of images 4 times a year suitable for live use and focusing on hard disk installations. These images contain only free software meeting Debian's Free Software Guidelines (DFSG), come in KDE and XFCE editions for both the 686 and amd64 architectures and extend Debian with aptosid's own packages, scripts and kernel for detection of very recent hardware.

aptosid aims for a simple and fast installation process and to provide a reliable entry to the unstable branch of Debian. The aptosid software repository also provides temporary packages to help protect its users from some of the issues which can arise from using Debian's unstable repository. aptosid.com and the associated IRC channels also provide a means for users of aptosid to provide assistance to one another as well as to discuss and develop aptosid's own software and tools.

Project Liaison

Trevor Walkley

The temporary liaison in the event that the project liaison becomes unavailable is Kel Moderman.


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