Compile Farm

Compile Farm is a volunteer-run project that maintains a distributed network of diverse computing resources for developers of software with OSI-approved licenses. Machines are owned and hosted by third party sponsors.

The Compile Farm Project traces its roots to a 2005 initiative by Laurent Guerby to make a wide range of computers with numerous architectures available to GCC developers. FSF France was an early sponsor.

Today, it remains a 100% independent and volunteer-driven project, not affiliated with any sponsors or projects such as FSF, GNU, LLVM, GCC, BSD, Linux, ARM, Intel, AMD, or IBM.

We maintain a vast collection of 32- and 64- bit hardware, big- and little- endian, as well as diversity in operating systems across over 800 cores of riscv64, mips64, LoongArch64, ARM, x86, POWER, and SPARC.

Project Liaisons

  • Zach van Rijn


  • Accepting donations
  • Holding assets
  • Legal assistance

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