SPI Reimbursement Request


Please read all the instructions before proceeding.

Step 1: Prepare an SPI Reimbursement Request Form

Use the form at the bottom of this page to generate an SPI Reimbursement Request Form.

Click the 'Generate PDF' button and save the PDF file locally.


  • Ensure that the banking information is accurate as incorrect details are a major source of delays.
  • The currency field is the currency of your bank account. Only say USD here if you have a USD bank account (e.g. because you live in the US). Check list of supported currencies.
  • Note that the PDF is generated on your machine via JavaScript. Nothing is transmitted to SPI servers until you email us.

Step 2: Prepare an Expense Report

Use the XE Travel Expenses Calculator to prepare an Expense Report (even for non-travel expenses).

Click the printer icon at the bottom of the form and save a PDF file rather than printing.


  • Enter Your Name, which must match the name in the SPI Reimbursement Request Form from Step 1.
  • Set Your Company Name to the open source project that you're seeking reimbursement from.
  • Set Your Home Currency to the currency you want the reimbursement to be in
  • Leave/set Credit Card @ 3%, Debit Card @ 5%, Foreign Cash @ 5%, Traveller's Cheque @ 2%.
  • Enter Receipt Details, one row per receipt
    • specify the correct date of the transactions
    • set the currency per transaction to the currency you paid in

Step 3: Collect and Order your Receipts

Collect your receipts in the SAME ORDER as the rows in the Expense Report from Step 2.

Save them in PDF format.


  • For paper receipts, scan them with a multi-function device or photograph them with your phone, converting to PDF.

Step 4: Prepare the Submission Package

Collect into a Submission Package (a single PDF file), the following:

  • from Step 1, the SPI Reimbursement Request Form
  • from Step 2, the Expense Report
  • from Step 3, the Ordered Receipts

Save it in PDF format with filename ReimbursementRequest_«YourName»_«IsoDate».pdf.


  • An example filename is ReimbursementRequest_LucaFilipozzi_20181006.pdf.
  • Ensure that the entire Submission Package can be easily understood as poor quality submissions are a major source of delays.
  • Consider using the pdfunite utility from the poppler-utils package (in Debian) to merge the individual PDF files into a single PDF file.

Step 5: Email the Submission Package

Prepare an email having these attributes:

  • from: you
  • to: treasurer@rt.spi-inc.org (or to «to_address» provided to you by event organizer)
  • subject: Reimbursement Request for «short_description»
  • attachment: the ReimbursementRequest_«YourName»_«IsoDate».pdf file prepared in Step 4
  • body: (the text below)
    By submitting this reimbursement request, I declare:
      - that I have prepared an SPI Reimbursement Request Form including bank account details,
      - that I have prepared an Expense Report using XE's Travel Expense Calculator,
      - that I have attached sufficient documentation substantiating my request,
      - that I seek reimbursement of expenses that are compliant with SPI and applicable Associate Project policies, and
      - that I have not sought nor will seek reimbursement of these expenses from any other source.


  • The Associated Project Liaison must approve your request before SPI will process a reimbursement payment.
  • Consequently, the Associated Project Liaison has permission to view your Submission Package, including personal information contained therein.

SPI Reimbursement Form

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