Resolution 2015-06-11.jdd.mcs.2: Sponsorship of travel to PostgreSQL conference in Cuba

This resolution was adopted by the Board of Directors of SPI at their meeting of July 9, 2015.


  1. PostgreSQL.Org is an affiliated SPI project.

  2. PostgreSQL.Org wishes to financially sponsor travel to a PostgreSQL conference in Cuba.

  3. Josh Berkus of PostgreSQL Core has sought legal advice from Software Freedom Law Center in regards to this opportunity.

  4. Joshua Drake, Director with SPI and PostgreSQL.Org Liaison, has approved the request on the requirement that SPI also approve the request.


  1. This travel sponsorship falls under the rules and regulations of the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) of the United States Department of the Treasury. The travel is under a general license that has the following requirements:

    a. Travel must be direct to and from the conference venue, without side travel or tourism conducted before, after, or during the conference period;

    b. Daily schedules of conference attendees should be limited to conference activities, and should leave no time for touristic or other non-conference activities;

    c. The conference must not promote tourism in Cuba.

  2.'s liaison or his designee must maintain sufficient records to be able to demonstrate compliance after the fact with these terms (i.e. maintaining documents concerning the conference purpose, which are standard, and being able to show both the travel itineraries and the daily activities schedules of attendees, from normal business sources.)

  3. It approves a financial sponsorship of travel to the conference based on the limitations set forth.

  4. Recipients of travel sponsorship to the PostgreSQL conference in Cuba are required to sign a sworn affidavit that they will not violate any of the above requirements.