Position statement for Greg Sabino Mullane

I am Greg Sabino Mullane, and I'm running for a seat on that Board for SPI. Disclaimer: I am not a Debian developer, I'm a Postgres guru (room empties out :). I joined shortly before the PostgreSQL project did, and am very interested in having SPI do more for all of its projects.

I've been a little frustrated at some of the problems SPI has been having the last year or so, and would like to see it grow and live up to its potential more. To that end, I intend to work on greater transparency to all of its activities, much better recordkeeping (including timely meeting announcements, logs, reports), and finding out exactly what the SPI members expect of SPI (if anything). The latter comes with the caveat that SPI may mean different things to the different subgroups, but I want to at least query the people and get some data.

Right now it certainly appears on the surface that all SPI does is provide a way for member projects to collect and distribute funds. If that's all that members want, fine, but let's at least be better about that part of it. I'd like to see the website made friendlier, and put all the emailed reports (esp. the treasurer's reports) into a browsable/searchable database. I'll also encourage the projects to spend their money rather than sit on it, and I'll help them to do so, perhaps by more cross-talk between the projects about ideas.

If some of this means running for the opening secretary seat, then so be it, but I'm not running specifically for that post. However, I'll be holding whomever does have that posts feet to the fire to make sure some of the above items get accomplished.

My short-term goal (1 year) is to make all the members aware of the website and ways in which they can gather information, to have all the information online (both past information and a process to keep it updated timely moving forward), to have a defined list of what SPI should be accomplishing but is not, and to make sure that all members know exactly what SPI does for their organization.