Position statement for Milan Kupcevic

I'm Milan Kupcevic, a Debian developer, an SPI contributing member and a life long proponent of free and open source software who believes in the purpose of this organization. Moreover, my personal interests, as well as my professional career, gravitate around open projects and platforms that value freedom, learning and knowledge sharing. Besides maintaining a number of software packages, I have attended Debian developer conferences in New York, Banja Luka, Managua, Vaumarcus, Portland, Heidelberg, Cape Town, Montreal, Hsinchu, and Curitiba as well as local gatherings around LibrePlanet in Boston.

Recognizing the importance of cultivating a nurturing environment for the projects under the umbrella SPI has to offer, I would gladly help this organization achieve and maintain excellence in its core mission and secure smooth technical and operational procedures. I would also aim to elevate visibility and promote SPI's mission to the wider public and recruit new contributors, projects and sponsors.

I'm looking forward to join the board of directors of the Software in the Public Interest corporation as a general board member. I would be honored with an opportunity to help directing the course of this organization.

Feel free to ask any questions at <milan@debian.org>.