Position statement for Tim Potter

Hello. I'm Tim Potter (tpot) and I've been part of the open source and free software community for nearly 20 years. I would like to continue to be a member of the SPI Board of Directors. I've written a lot of code during my career and have a good understanding of technical and political issues around the FOSS community and industry. I would like to continue to apply that knowledge to help the various projects that are members of SPI.

My position is that as a long-time free software contributor I feel that I can provide value to the community and SPI in particular in ways other than coding. My days of caffeine-fueled all-night hackathons are pretty much over but there is still a lot of vital non-technical administrative work that needs to be done for the management of FOSS projects. This is the job of SPI for its member projects.

I believe that there are still tasks related to running a free software project that can be outsourced to SPI by member projects. If re-elected as a member of the SPI board, I would endeavour to continue the excellent work of SPI under previous directors over the years, as well as investigating what other services can be offered to member projects to ease non-development and other administrative burdens.