New associated projects: accepting donations

In order for SPI to accept donations for your project online, we need the following information submitted to our RT ticketing system by sending an email to

  1. E-mail address where donation notifications should be sent.
  2. Donation description

    For example, the Debian donation description is "Donation to support the Debian Project. The Debian operating system is POSIX based, freely distributable, and includes features such as true multitasking, virtual memory, shared libraries, demand loading, proper memory management, TCP/IP networking, and other features consistent with Unix-type systems. It is used by individuals and organizations worldwide."

  3. Please provide a receipt message (up to 800 characters)

    For example, the Debian receipt message is "Thank you for your contribution in support of the Debian Project!"

  4. Please let us know whether you want a donation URL that only lists your project.