Project liaisons

Each SPI associated project has a project liaison who serves as a point of contact for the project.

Once your project is accepted by the SPI board, the Secretary will contact the project liaison to extend a formal invitation. If the project accepts the invitation, the project gets added to the list of projects. The project liaison will also be added to the spi-projects mailing list which serves as a way to contact all SPI project liaisons.

Please read the Associated Project Howto which contains a lot of information for associated projects, including services offered.


As a new project, some information is needed so SPI can accept donations on behalf of your project.


Please work with the SPI Secretary to get your project listed on the SPI web site. Your project should be listed on the project page. If your project has a sponsor or "thank you" page, we can add a link to our sponsor page.

SPI publishes an annual report in which new associated projects are highlighted and updates from projects published. The Secretary will contact you at the beginning of each year to get updates from your project.

If you have other ideas on how to promote your project, SPI and FOSS, please let us know, either by contacting the board or by starting a discussion on spi-general.

Participation in SPI

Please encourage your contributors to sign up as SPI contributing members. This ensures that your project is represented in SPI elections and votes.

Check out the list of SPI mailing lists. As project liaison, you're expected to subscribe to spi-announce, spi-general (where regular treasurer reports are distributed), and spi-private (subscription for the latter is handled via the membership site).

The SPI board holds monthly meetings to which the public is invited. We especially encourage project liaisons to join and to actively participate in our meetings.

Contacting the board

If you need anything, please contact the board at Make sure you're familiar with the Associated Project Howto which contains a lot of information for associated projects.

Other requests

If you have treasurer or sys admin related requests, please file a ticket in our RT ticketing system.